Sand Art live shows

Shows with sand for events can be repertoire or made for the occasion, agreeing on every detail: content, timing, soundtrack, logos or writings.


A unique and engaging show is offered to the public, which sees the drawings reproduced on a large screen while the artist is at work; the celebration of the occasion will be represented in a completely original way.

It is a type of entertainment that lends itself very well to business dinners, conventions, anniversaries, inaugurations, fairs and celebrations of any kind: it is possible to create a show with the sand TAILORED FOR ANY EVENT!

Sand art

How does it work? What equipment do you need?


The Sand Artist is supplied with the light table, the sand and the camera with the structure that keeps it suspended above its position. Are considered at the customer's charge:

- video projector

- screen

- amplification system for music

How long does a performance last?

The optimal duration for live performances is around 15/20 minutes, it is advisable not to go beyond 25 or under 10. It is in any case possible to personalize the performance based on any need.

Is it possible to have a video instead of a live performance?

Sure. Unlike a live show, the video can have a very short duration and the post-production work allows you to use a different narrative dynamic, as it allows you to move very quickly from one image to another.

With how much notice do you need to request a performance of drawings with sand?

The preparation time of a show varies greatly depending on the type of intervention required. 3 months notice is recommended to ensure the availability of the artist for his or her date.


Repertoire shows

It is also possible to request a quote for a repertoire sand art show.


 They are suitable for both adults and children, based on the type of event they intend to host. The Sand Artist collaborates with great musicians for the realization of concerts, and with actors specialized in puppet theater for exhilarating shows for children.